From the Principal

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Spring is here and our year is three quarters completed. Our final stretch is beginning, and our students should not lose their focus as the weather gets warmer. Please remind your child of our 3 P’s – “We are Polite, Prepared, & Punctual.”

Our first concern is our dress code:
Dress code

I.S. 131 seeks to prepare students for a future in the workforce and to "Dress for Success". Therefore, the dress code requires all students to use:

Tops: Royal Blue or Black Collared School Shirts
Bottoms: Pants in Khaki or Black
Gym Attire: Sneakers, Sweatpants, T-Shirt in Royal Blue or Black.

The following are NOT acceptable at any time:
• Jeans
• T-shirts with photographs, emblems or inappropriate words.
• Sleeveless shirts (Tank tops, tube tops, halters, spaghetti straps, etc.)
• Pants worn below the waist which show underwear or shorts underneath
• Skirts or shorts with hems higher than 4 inches above the knee.
• Do-Rags/Scarves [unless for medical or religious reasons]
• Hats
• Hoodies
• Emoticon “sweat suits”

Note: You will receive a call to bring in a change of clothes if we believe that a student is dressed inappropriately for school.

Our second concern is Punctuality:

School begins at 8:10 am. Class instruction begins at 8:15 am. Students are expected to be in their class prepared to work at that time. Students are given three minutes to transition from class to class during the school day. The schedule was designed to accommodate the movement of six hundred students on the second floor. Each grade has a primary hallway and staircase to use to ease any possible congestion. Unfortunately, some students believe that they should “visit” sections of the building that they are not assigned. This causes a number of problems such as disrupting classes as well as being late to their own class. Students who have been identified as being consistently late to class, without a pass, have been placed on a Daily Conduct Sheet to monitor their lateness. If no improvement is documented, a parent will be called for that student to serve detention to make up the class time that was missed.
Our third concern is Politeness:
Many of our issues among students is through miscommunication. We ask our students to respect one another verbally and physically. Hitting is never acceptable and there is no such thing as “just playing”. We have a ZERO Tolerance for Bullying and we need to be contacted if a student believes that they are experiencing any form of bullying in our school.
Our goal at I.S. 131 is create a warm, nurturing, and rigorous learning environment. With your help, we will have a successful conclusion to our 2014-2015 school year.

Please contact your child’s Assistant Principal if you have any questions or concerns.
Grade 8 – Mr. Acevedo - ext. 262
Grade 7 – Ms. Verhille – ext. 236
Grade 6 – Ms. Moro-Sullivan – ext. 104

Our New York State ELA exam is on Tuesday, April 14th, Wednesday, April 15th, and Thursday, April 16th. Our New York State Mathematics Exam is on Wednesday, April 22th, Thursday, April 23rd, and Friday, April 24th.

Be Polite - By following directions!
Be Prepared – By having two #2 sharpened pencils!
Be Punctual – By being in School at 8:10 am!


Monique Mason

Upcoming Events

Wed, May 6 - Thu, May 28
8th Grade Science Test
Monday, May 25
Memorial Day - School Close
Wednesday, May 27
6th grade Multicultural Festival
This day will be filled with fun, food, dancing, and other expressions of multiculturalism.
Thursday, May 28
Parent Association Elections - Elecciones de la Asociación Padres
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Come out and vote for the next 2015 - 2016 President/Presidente, Rec. Secretary/Secretario de actas, Treasurer/Tesorero
Monday, June 1
New York State Science Writing Exam Grade 8

IS 131 Cell Phone Policy

IS 131 Cell Phone Policy

DREAM- Specialized High School

ASPIRA After School Program

The ASPIRA after school program runs five days a week from 2:30-5:30.  We offer many different engaging activities to the students of IS 131.


  • Sports
  • Fashion
  • Drama
  • Choir
  • Band
  • Chess
  • Computer Media
  • Dance- Step, Ballet, & Salsa

Student's Corner

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Working For The Weekend

Please check back here every Friday to see the assignment for each grade level.  Every student will receive a hard copy of the assignment.  Each of these tasks are to be completed by every student and handed in on Monday.  

Student Government

The IS 131 Student Government is proud to have a group of students learning how to become positive leaders in the school community.

These students are representing the voice of the student body.  They are looked at as leaders of the school behave as Student Council Representatives should behave.  Their job is to look for ways to improve the school during the weekly meetings.  
The Council meets every Tuesday after school in room 211 at 2:35.  

If there are any topics you would like to bring to the attention of the student council you can speak with Mr. Kessler or any member of the student council listed below.  


- Hailey Escolastico- 801    (
- Chloe Gonzalez- 801        (        
- Lincoln Mañana- 803       (
- Shaylynn Martinez- 801   (
- Koralys DeLaCruz- 801     (
- Celiveth Castro- 801       (
- Keydi Lopez- 801            (
- Jahbril Dial- 607              (
- Yelissa Lopez- 702          (
- Gabriel Moran- 705          (
- Justin Desprebiteres- 801 (

Please e-mail any one of our student council members if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.  Our student council is here to represent the students of IS 131.

Parent Registration

By registering to receive class email alerts, parents can keep up to date on announcements, upcoming events, homework assignments, and other class information on any schedule they prefer (e.g., daily, 2x/week, weekly), or only when relevant new content is added.Please fill in the following form and click the Register button when you are finished. Once your information is received we will email you your username and password.  Please Click Here to register.

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Nutrition Committee

Our nutrition committee meets every Monday with the Principal at 8:30 am to discuss the nutritional value of the  food being served to the school community.  The members of the committee represent the voice of the student population.  This committee is a dedicated group of students who want to ensure students enjoy a healthy breakfast and lunch.  The committee meets with the head nutritionist once a month to provide recommendations for the breakfast and lunch menu.