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Natalie Rodriguez

A special place for parents and guardians 

The NYC Schools Account, is a NYC web-based application that lets you see your child’s academic and biographic information.   

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Natalie Rodriguez

Parent Coordinator



I.S. 131 Parents Association

President:  Denise Jackson

Recording Secretary: Marisol Rivera

Treasurer: Natasha Rowe

Title 1: Caroline Santana

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ASPIRA After School Program

   Aspira After School Program

718-991-7490 ext: 126

Application is available in English & Spanish

 DYCD Universal ENGLISH Participant Intake and AIR Consent - FY20.pdf  

DYCD Universal Spanish Participant Intake-Youth and Adult Form FY19-SP 2 002.pdf 


 Katherine Gomez,  Director

Lanaya Jeffer,  Assistant Director

LaNaya Jeffers,  Senior Group Leader

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Community School


September 20, 2018

Dear Albert Einstein, Intermediate School 131 Family:

Hello! We would like to introduce ourselves and inform you about our role’s here at the school. My name is Kaychell English, and I am the Community School Director and I work alongside Shantae Blount who is my Assistant Community School Director. We service both Intermediate School 131 & Soundview Academy for Culture and Scholarship.

We are from the Community Based Organization ASPIRA of NY Inc. Working in partnership with the DOE, through the Office of Community Schools. NYC Community Schools Initiative focuses on six models which are Academics & Enrichment, Attendance, Family Engagement, School Environment, Health and Mental Health and Community Partnerships.

We offer Adult ESL Classes to our families. We have winter coats to families in need. Also, we have the connections to link families to organizations for anything you might need. Please, consider us your extra voice to support and advocate for you and your child.

If you need assistance we are located in Room 101-A or you can contact us at 718-991-7490 ext. 147 or email us at or We look forward to a great year!


Community School Team

Parent Handbook


Parent Handbook

 The documents below are there to help answer any questions you may have throughout the school year.  Please take the time to read the handbook which provides you with important information for I.S. 131.  If you have any further questions, please contact us.

 Parent Handbook.docx  

Parent Handbook in Spanish.docx 



I.S. 131 Cell Phone Policy

Use of Cell Phone and Other Electronic Devices

I.S. 131 Policies 


IS 131’s policy on cell phones and other electronic device policy remains unchanged.  The new Regulation A-413 continues to stress that for all regular communication between parents, guardians and students, the Onsite School’s phone system must be used. Our school phone number is (718) 991-7490 and it must be used for all emergency communication. Additionally, there will be no tolerance for unauthorized cell phone use during the school day, and disciplinary interventions will apply as per Chancellor’s Disciplinary Code. While we recognize the reality of handheld devices in today’s society, we also affirm the need for our school to maintain safety for our students.


In short, students may have their cellphones on their person as long as they are turned off and out of sight.  No use of such devices is permitted during school hours, including after school and Saturdays. Violation of this policy will result in confiscation and disciplinary consequences in accordance with the guidance interventions and disciplinary responses set forth in the Chancellor’s Discipline Code.


Regulation A-413 does allow students to bring electronic and digital devices to school for educational purposes. However, given the quantity of devices we have on site we highly recommend our students leave their devices at home. Our school will not secure nor provide protection for such devices, nor be held responsible for lost or misplaced items.


Key additional provisions of this policy include:


●        Cell phones/electronic devices must be turned off before entering the school building.

●        Once inside the school building, cell phones and electronic devices must not be visible under any circumstances.

●        If a cell phone or electronic device rings, vibrates, or makes any noticeable sound, it will be confiscated.

●        If a cell phone or electronic device is noticeably visible, it will be confiscated.

●        Refusal to surrender a cell phone or electronic device is considered insubordination and will be addressed according to the Chancellor’s Discipline Code. 

●        In the event that parents/guardians contact their children via cell phone during school hours, a mandatory meeting with administration will be required; as such communication is highly disruptive to the educational process.


IS 131 requires your full co-operation with this policy.